Javier Martín Arrillaga

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Javier Martín Arrillaga is the author of the texts, a Doctor in Fine Arts from the Complutense University in Madrid and Head of Drawing.


A scholar of both art and new technologies, his doctoral thesis (1996) explored the possibilities of using multimedia applications in the compositional analysis of painting. Since then he has developed various examples of analysis published by UNED (the open university), the web of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and the Oxford University Press




His experience as a visual artist leads him to contemplate every picture from the perspective of a painter rather than a historian, lending more importance to the purely visual aspects of the composition than the historical context, the symbology or anecdotes about the work.


Javier Gonzalez Hernandez is the developer of the administrative part of the web. Bárbara Otto Schneider and Peter Domankiewicz are the authors of the English translation; Miriam Laguía and Pascale Steiner are the authors of The French translation; and Thomas Bueser is the author of the German translation.


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